A Personal Note from Christine

Not so long ago after years of working alongside carers I became a carer myself. As we all do I put on my 'carers goggles' as I call them, which give you tunnel vision allowing you to focus all your care and attention on your loved ones needs. They are really helpful, until that day you take them off and realise that you have given up so much, friends no longer offer their company as you are always too busy and your health is suffering as you neglect to take care of yourself.

Luckily for me my husband made me stop and see what was happening, yes with all my knowledge even I still fell down the rabbit hole, most of us do. So I have created this space so I can say to you STOP! Take off those goggles and let me help you to stay connected to others, reconnect with who you are and take care of yourself.

Because you are important too!

Every carer deserves a happy and fulfilling life.

Who we help


Our mission is to help family caregivers to take back control of their lives, ditch the guilt, take care of themselves and live the life they are yearning for. We believe a happy and healthy carer is something that benefits both the carer, their loves ones, the wider family and the community at large.

Christine is a mum, a wife, a Professional Caregiver and life Coach and a carer. She has worked with family carers for over 20 years in her previous role in the NHS as an Occupational Therapist and she now works with them as a coach, having supported and trained hundreds of carers in the Wakefield area in West Yorkshire.

Her sessions run in conjunction with Carers Wakefield and District, help unpaid carers to prioritise themselves and their own self-care in order to be the best carers they can be.

The course has been recognised as good practice and cited by the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services as being an effective intervention for implementation of the Care Act 2014 as it applies to carers.

Christine is now taking her one to one coaching  coaching and her training online to reach as many carers as possible. 

About Us

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Professional Caregiver Coach

Here at Positively caring we like to keep things simple and affordable. 
We also do not believe that money should be a barrier to getting support.

Our coaching is provided on a one to one basis over 4 or 6 sessions.
All sessions are live using a zoom video room and each session is £50.
We also understand the pressures of caring so we do not hassle you if you ned to cancel a session and rebook, we totally understand.

We are aware however that for many carers this would be a large amount of money. So if this is too much for you right now then get on a discovery call and we can discuss what is possible to get you moving in the right direction.


How coaching can help

Our  goal is to help as many people as possible have a positive experience of being a carer and or transitioning to life after caring. 
Here at Positively Caring appreciate just how tough, isolating and frustrating caring for a loved one can be but we also see hope, optimism and potential for positive change everywhere, if you are prepared to put the work in.
Caring is not for everyone, it can really be he hard going and effect every part of your life, you may become burnt out and exhausted. It takes a great deal of strength to set new boundaries despite knowing your own and your loved ones needs and quality of life would be better served if you did. 

If that is you then finding the strength to forge a new path  can be difficult but you can do it with coaching and support.

Sometimes we can become so entrenched in 'doing' that we fail to se what is really going on around us. Far too often I hear caregivers talk about frustration, isolation, self neglect and emotional overwhelm.

Coaching can help you get back onto the right path to creating the life you are yearning for by helping you identify

  • the stage of caring you are at
  •  what your role involves
  • the impact caring it is having on your health, lifestyle and relationships.
  • what changes you want to see
  • what are you challenges
  • what resources you will help you
  • what actions will you take and be held accountable for.

It is not easy but the outcome is worth the effort for a better quality of life for both you and your loved ones.