More about Coaching

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What I won’t do
Offer Advice
Be Judgmental
Offer opinions
Make decisions for you
Tell you what you should do
Act as an agony aunt.

​​​​What I will do
Work in partnership with you.
Listen to you.
Offer support and guidance.
Be objective.
Offer a structured approach.
Help you identify your goals in life.
Empower you to make changes.
Celebrate your successes.

Life Coaching can help you to think better about your situation and help give you the confidence to achieve your goals and not just dream about them. You deserve to be happy, and you can help you realise your goals and take your life in a different direction if your willing to put in the work and take action..

Put it this way imagine that there is something you  would like to achieve or change in your life ( given that your reading this I am guessing this wont be too difficult). Now imaging someone to talk through your ideas, someone who is there just for you, someone who will ask you questions to help you think better, make observations that maybe you have not noticed, who will gently challenge some of your thoughts and ideas and help give you different perspectives and tools to improve on your situation.

Sound Good?  Then Coaching could be what your looking for.

Here are a few examples of where coaching could help you:

- Have you had enough of juggling work and home life, are you feeling stressed or overwhelmed?
- Do you feel pressured to do what others expect instead of what would make you happy?

- Do you feel  guilty or selfish for wanting to do something for yourself?

- Do you long to be more organised so you have time to do the things you enjoy?

- Are you looking for ways to make a major life change  or achieve a burning ambition?
- Do you want to improve your Health and well being ?

I provide a confidential one to one life coaching service to help you achieve success in your life.

If you are struggling to see a way forward either in your personal life or work life, and are serious about making some positive changes, then regular life coaching sessions can help.